Trane XR14 14 SEER Central Air Conditioner Price Review

by Jane on December 30, 2011

Trane XR14 14 SEER PriceTrane is one of the top manufacturers of HVAC products that are known to be of the highest quality. One of their unique products is the Trane XR14 Central Air Conditioner that has been rated highly by many consumer reviews. The Trane Company has always used the most advanced technologies ad high quality materials to manufacture its products and that is why this model is unmatched in offering quality. This model is also affordable thanks to its pocket friendly price.

The Trane XR14 Central Air Conditioner works very well because it has numerous features that also ensure it is durable. It uses the high quality Climatuff compressor that operates effectively and also with minimal noise and the compressor compartment has been insulated to further lower operating noise levels. This model has high efficiency ratings of 14 SEER implying that it will cool your home at lower costs.  This is why it has been certified by the energy star. It has a Spine Fin outdoor cooling coils that ensure proper condensation by ensuring enhanced heat transfer.  This air conditioner comes in a variety of models with different capacities depending on requirements of a home. This unit has compact design that is covered by a steel cabinet having louvered sides. The cabinet mainly prevents the internal components form physical damage while the louvered design allows for free air flow into the unit. This model also has Quick-sess panel that enable easier installation and repair. The cabinet of this unit is corrosion and rust free thanks to the tough coat of baked powder paint finish that also gives it an attractive appearance. Is durability is enhanced by a WeatherGuard top made using polycarbonate material that also makes it attractive in appearance. Its main function is to protect the unit from materials falling on it.  This model has a corrosion resistant Duratuff base pan give the unit good support by lifting it off the ground to prevent cracking or rusting.


This unit functions very well but there are a number of flaws reported if it has been in use for long. The compressor may malfunction and other problem is the leaking of the refrigerant. But such problems are minor and can be easily fixed at a low price the warranty also may take care of the costs.

Trane XR14 Price

The Trane XR14 Central Air Conditioner comes at a reasonable price that is why many consumers prefer it. It costs about $1429 and this price is very good given the features and its efficient functioning. It has a very good compressor warranty of ten years while the other internal functioning parts are covered by a five year warranty.

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