Trane XB13 Central Air Conditioner Price Review

by Jane on December 30, 2011

Trane is a globally renowned company that manufactures HVAC products of high quality. These products are designed with the users comfort in mind and this is why they are very efficient. The Trane XB13 central air conditioner is one of their excellent products known for high efficiency and energy efficiency. Replacing an older model will this model will lead to the reduction of monthly energy bills enabling you to save some cash. This model has been designed to serve homes or offices located in areas experiencing warm and moderate climates because of its high SEER ratings.  This model is cheap to maintain and offer quality services.

The Trane XB13 central air conditioner has a number of features that ensure it functions effectively. This air conditioner is single stage operation and operates very efficiently. It uses the highly reliable Climatuff compressor that is the best in the industry. It also is environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant that is chlorine free thus causing no harm to the ozone layer.  It also employs the Trane CleanEffects technology which rids the air in your home of disease causing pollutants like dust and pollen thus keeping your family always healthy. This model uses a Spine Fin outdoor coil that is very reliable and has side louvered panels that protect the air conditioner from damage.  It is highly durable thanks to its Duratuff base pan that is corrosion free enabling the air conditioner to function effectively for a long time. The outer covering of this unit is rust resistant thanks to the baked on powder paint finish and the fasteners of the conditioner have also been designed to be resistant to corrosion.

This model is tested several times at the factory to ensure that it not only is durable but highly efficient. Mostly when this air conditioner breaks down it is the coil that has been damaged and can easily be replaced. If the warranty covers this it will be replaced or fixed by the company.

Trane XB13 Central Air Conditioner Price

Trane manufactures quality air handlers but ensure that they are sold at an affordable cost. The Trane XB13 central air conditioner costs approximately $1169 but the price generally depends on the dealer you are buying from or its capacity. With such unique features and reliability this price is justified and is guaranteed to serve you for very long. This model comes with comprehensive warranties the compressor being covered by a 10- year warranty while the functional parts and the out door coil have a 5- year warranty. You can also extend these warranties at an additional cost. The dealer will provide information about this.

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