Payne PA13NA Air Conditioner Review

by Jane on February 26, 2012

Payne PA13NA Price ReviewThe Payne PA13NA Air Conditioner is a highly efficient unit that provides good cooling services for residential and commercial purposes. This company has been in the market for a very long time and as such has gained a good reputation with consumers. This product offers comfort, reliability, affordability among other additional unique and important functions. If you are looking for a highly efficient model that will offer good and efficient services then this model is what you need.

The Payne PA13NA Air Conditioner has very many excellent features that ensure it works effectively. This unit has an efficiency rating of 13 SEER allowing you to save in matters of energy bills. You will pay much lower bills if this unit replaces the old unit you have been using. This model uses a highly efficient and reliable compressor to offer good cooling services. Such a model is very important especially during the hot season as it has high efficiency and performance ratings. This air conditioner operates with minimal noise because it has sound proofing and insulation on the compressor chamber and its fan motors also operates silently. This model has a compact design enabling it to be installed even in small spaces or outside. Its unique designs enable easier maintenance and repair thanks to its cabinet and advance technological use of panels and buttons. This air conditioner is also known to be earth friendly because it uses the R-410A refrigerant that is chlorine free thus causes minimal harm to the environment. Purchasing this air conditioner is making a wise investment decision that you will not end up regretting. It has also qualified for the tax program by the government.

The Payne PA13NA Air Conditioner operates very smoothly ensuring that the consumer enjoys proper cooling especially during the hot season. Despite this the consumers have reported a number of system problems associated with this unit. This model has a much lower efficiency and thus does not offer optimal services compared to other more efficient models. This means it is only suitable for mild climate. Such a low efficiency also means that the consumers will also not get the tax credit after buying this unit. This model also does not cut your electric bills by a large amount.

Payne PA13NA Air Conditioner Price

This model comes at a very reasonable price, on average it costs about $1016. For you to get the best price it is advisable that you contact several dealers before buying from one of them who has the lowest price quote. You also need to ensure that installation charges are inclusive.

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