Goodman GSC13 13 SEER Air Conditioner Review

by Jane on February 5, 2012

Goodman GSC13 PriceWhen looking for a highly reliable air conditioner then the Goodman GSC13 Air Conditioner would be an ideal model for you. This product not only works effectively but it comes with a good warranty. The Goodman was founded by Harold V. Goodman started the company with the vision of providing the consumers with the most reliable heating and air conditioning equipment at a pocket friendly price. This means that a consumer will get cooling comfort, durability and affordability just by installing a Goodman model. This model in particular comes with a very high SEER rating meaning that it also is energy efficient.

The Goodman GSC13 Air Conditioner has many unique and excellent features that make it the choice model of many consumers. It uses the highly reliable R-22 refrigerant charged for 15’ of refrigerant lines and it also has a Factory-installed liquid line filter dryer ensuring it works efficiently for long. It also has Brass liquid and suction service valves together with Ground lug connection for efficient operations. This model is ETL Certified and it has a sound control top ensuring it operates silently. It durability is enhanced by the louvered metal guard that protects the coil from physical damage. This model has a Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet that has a Gray powder-paint finish making it corrosion resistant and protects it from UV rays.

As a consumer you need to understand that air conditioners do not work perfectly as is common with most machinery. And as such you may get units that heat up or leak water. Also most units are known not to last for very long. Goodman started experiencing problems with their products after they acquired the Amana Company. Consumers are complaining that Goodman units are being manufactured using Amana parts. This could explain the lifetime warranty offered on products but before accepting this speculation it is advisable to conduct extensive research.

Goodman GSC13 Prices

The Goodman GSC13 Air Conditioner is affordable and the price depends on the ton capacity of a model as shown below.

1.5 ton unit costs$1,500

2 ton unit is priced at $1,800

2.5 ton unit costs about $1,875

3 ton unit comes at a price of about$2,000

All the above prices are inclusive of installation charges and the product is covered by a lifetime warranty. This warranty cannot be transferred to a third party and when you have an old unit that needs to be removed before installing a new one you need to pay about $300 to $500 additional cost.

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