Comfortmaker Air Conditioner Review

by Jane on February 12, 2012

Comfortmaker Air Conditioner ReviewComfortmaker is a unique brand from the international comfort products corporation that is one of the subsidiaries of the United Technologies Corporation. This company is well known for the manufacture of high quality HVAC products such as heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioners.  This is mainly because it has invested well in advanced technology enabling it to manufacture the best quality and high performance air conditionesr that offer comfort to their consumers. They manufacture a wide range of models designed to cater for the needs of all types of consumers. There units are not only highly effective in humidity control but also come at pocket friendly prices.

Two models of air conditioners from this company that come highly recommended are the Comfortmaker Soft Sound SXT+ 2-Stage Air Conditioners and the Soft Sound SX models because they are highly efficient in operation. These models operate with minimal sounds thanks to the deluxe sound blanket and they also use a two-speed motor fan. They have the aerodynamic air discharge design and are available in a number of models having 13, 14 and 16 SEER ratings. These models are of high quality as they have been certified by the energy star and they use the highly durable 2-stage scroll compressor. This compressor maintains a constant temperature and is low on energy consumption.

There have been a number of complains about this unit and in one instance after a consumer had purchased the comfortmaker condenser and coil from Ebay that was covered by a warranty of ten years, the unit did not function as planned. This unit had been manufactured on July 2011 and installed on august 2011 yet its compressor did not work effectively. This unit was purchased from the quality air equipment factory and it model number is #n4a324gkb (200). The comfortmaker company when contacted refused to replace the above unit despite the fact that it was covered by a ten year warranty.

Comfortmaker Air Conditioner Prices

The above models come at different prices but are all affordable. The 2 ton Comfortmaker soft sound SX 2600 R410A 18 SEER central air conditioner comes at a price of about $ 2300 while the 3 ton Comfortmaker soft sounds SX 2600 R410A 13 SEER central air conditioner costs approximately $1800. The 2 ton model has a much higher SEER rating explaining the price difference. The above prices are inclusive of installation charges and the units are covered by a ten year warranty while their compressors have a five year warranty. The size and type of unit depends on the consumers needs.

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