Bryant 113A Legacy Air Conditioner Review

by Jane on February 6, 2012

Bryant 113A PriceBryant is well known brand when it comes to the manufacture of HVAC units. This is because they have bee in operation for long and a s such they have gained experience in the manufacture of quality products. This company invests extensively in research and the latest technology enabling them to give consumers products that offer comfort. Before any of their products are placed in the market they are tested to ensure they have no faults and this is why most of their nits are highly durable. Their models are also known to be friendly to the environment.

The Bryant 113A Legacy Air Conditioner is one of their unique products that come with good features that ensure s it works efficiently and is also able to last for long. This model rated as having a 16 SEER rating together with a 13.5 EER implying it will lower your energy costs in the long run. Consumer like this product because it makes minimal noises and it uses the Dura Guard technology to ensure it is not damaged by bad weather. This model uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant and it has also been certified by Energy star. It is covered by a steel cabinet that is galvanized making it corrosion resistant and durable.

This unit works very effectively but there have been complains from consumers who use this air conditioner I their homes. In one case a propane technician found high levels of carbon monoxide in the home of a consumer using this model. This has actually led to higher maintenance cost of the unit. The company has explained that this may have resulted from improper installation but the consumer insist it was installed an serviced by Bryant technicians.

Bryant 113A Prices

The Bryant 113A Legacy Air Conditioner comes at a fair price but the rice depends on the ton capacity as shown below.

The 2 ton capacity model costs about $1,640

The 3 ton capacity model is priced at $1,910

The 4 ton capacity model is sold at about $2,000

All the prices above are inclusive of installation charges and the unit comes with a ten year compressor warranty while parts are covered by a 5 year warranty. After you have purchased this model it is advisable that you have it registered at the dealer or the company’s website. Failure o do this means that your product will only qualify for a five year warranty.

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