Amana ASX16 Air Conditioner Price Review

by Jane on January 19, 2012

Amana is known to produce the air conditioners that work very efficiently. The Amana ASX16 Air Conditioner is a fine example of the high quality products from this company. Amana has been producing HVAC units for long and with time it has come to be ranked together with well known companies like Carrier. This model in particular will offer you the best cooling services and as such keep your home very comfortable.
The Amana ASX16 Air Conditioner has very many unique features that ensure it works very effectively. It has a high efficiency rating of 16 SEER and as such it has been certified by energy star. With such a high rating you will have much lower energy bills to pay every month and thus at the end of the year you would have saved a large sum of money. It uses the two stage Copeland air conditioner that work effectively and silently because of the high density foam sound blanket. Its silent operation is further enhanced by the dual speed condenser fan motor and a unique top design that makes it suitable for use at home. Its compressor is protected by low and high pressure switches and it has the Copeland ComfortAlert diagnostics for faster fault diagnostics and also repair. This unit has a factory installed filter dryer that further enhances its durability and it is covered by a heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet which is louvered to enhance proper air flow. This cabinet is very strong and has been painted to not only make it attractive but to also prevent rusting, corrosion And the harmful effects of UV rays. This model also has a very compact design enabling it to be installed even in small spaces.
The Amana ASX16 Air Conditioner works very well because it has been manufactured using high quality materials and the best technology. Also after manufacture it is also tested to ensure it works very well. This unit is known to malfunction if not installed correctly or when not properly sized for the requirements of a home. It will also not work very effectively if matched with the improper components.

Amana ASX16 Air Conditioner Price

This model comes at reasonable price considering how efficient and reliable it is. It is designed to provide good cooling services and comes at approximately $1569 but this price is not inclusive of the installation charges. This unit has a life time warranty on the compressor and ten year warranty on all other components.

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