Air Conditioners, Freon and Maintenance, What you Need To Know

Q: when is the most appropriate time to refill the AC’s Freon?

Actually, you should never refill Freon in your AC. The main reason is that the air conditioner does not use the Freon in a similar manner to the way vehicles consume oil.  When the Freon level of your model goes down it simply implies that there is a leak. You first have to repair this leak before you refill the Freon. Most new models are welded to minimize the risk of any leaks in future.  Old models on the other hand were constructed using mechanical flared fittings that over time loosen causing leakages.

Q: why are Freon Leaks considered a problem?

When the levels of Freon in a model are low, the system will function less efficiently.  It may in some cases lead to the freezing of the evaporator coil. Freon plays a very important part in the cooling of the compressor and without it, the compressor will over heat and fail completely. This implies that you will have to replace the compressor or even the whole unit, which will cost you a lot of money.


Q: Telemarketers have been calling, offering special rates to check my unit. So I wonder are regular check-ups are a good idea?

Actually, it is very important to let a HVAC expert check your system at least twice every year during the spring and fall seasons. Even though it does not guarantee proper functioning of your unit, it will help in identifying the small problems that are easier to find and fix thereby avoiding malfunction of the unit when you most need it.


Q: What occurs during an air conditioning check-up?

Depending on the type of model you own, the specifics will vary greatly. Generally, the check up involves checking the level of the refrigerant. If it is low, it will imply there is a leak that needs to be fixed after which Freon will be refilled.

The wiring and controls have to undergo inspection for damage

The condenser and evaporator coils have to be cleaned.

The motor will be lubricated using oil.

The condenser and filter will be checked together with the Thermostat calibration


Q:  How should a homeowner maintain the air conditioning unit?

Always ensure that the outdoor condenser unit is not covered. This is to prevent blockage of smooth flow of air into the system. Most individual’s bloc the out door condenser using lawn furniture or bags of garden waste during the winter and autumn season. They only remember to remove them when the services of an air conditioner are necessary. This is actually the main cause of a malfunctioning air conditioner. Listed below are tips on how to improve the functionality of your AC system.

Always ensure you star running your AC system for some time before the summer season. In case you do not and you discover too late that it has a problem. You will have to leave uncomfortably for some time before a specialist comes at fixes the problem.

You need to ensure that there are no obstructions on the exterior unit. Things like leaves, newspapers, or lawn furniture need to be kept away from the outdoor condenser unit.

Ensure that you change the filters monthly to allow for smooth airflow into the system. This increases the overall systems efficiency and prevents the evaporator from freezing. Check and see if your model uses the fiberglass filters) or washed (electronic or electrostatic filters).

Ensure that the access panels are properly secured and there are no extra screws. Make sure that the thermostat is set properly to cooling and the dial has been adjusted to the proper temperature.

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